Workshop Report: “Social Studies of the economy in Latin America-UCL”

Excellent Workshop: “Social Studies of the economy in Latin America-UCL”!
“What do these various research projects focused on Argentina, Brazil and Chile tell us about the political economy of the region? Going beyond the traditional stereotypes with which the social sciences tend to label the region – e.g. as being a laboratory for economic experimentation, as being hierarchical both politically and economically and a place of hope for contestation and political change – these papers shed light on the socio-technical nature of the economy from an economic-anthropology and economic-sociology perspective. Contrary to a meta-narrative reading of Latin American political economy, these papers showed the nuances and specificities of the economies in the region, and how these economies as objects, are locally constructed, performed and contested.”

Estudios de la Economía

On July 1st, 2016 the workshop ‘Social Studies of the Economy in Latin America’ took place at the Science and Technology Studies Department, University College London. The meeting convened a number of outstanding academics, including several contributors to this blog. Because the topics discussed are of central concern to this group, we are taking the opportunity to share some impressions.

The workshop aimed to discuss leading research that offers a close-up examination of economic life. In particular, it was oriented to ethnographic research that sheds light on the multiple ways in which the economy, culture and technology intersect, and in which the economy as an object is constituted and performed. Elaborating on previous research into the world of economic policy-making and expertise, the media’s role in public economic discussion, the nature of economic calculation and its material devices, and the variety of economic knowledges, the workshop focused on…

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