“Aftermath of a Crisis”: Manuel Castells and his colleagues tackling the crisis and its consequences

This is really interesting stuff about crisis and post-capitalism (or not?)

Economic Sociology and Political Economy

In this crisis, some people are trying to go back and other people are trying to discover what the future could be. What doesn’t work anymore is the present, for anyone. That’s why it’s Aftermath Time.” – Manuel Castells

Shortly after the beginning of the financial crisis of 2008 Manuel Castells – a prominent social scientist (specializing on communication, globalization and political economy) gathered a small group of international intellectuals and scholars (including Craig Calhoun, Michel Wieviorka, John B. Thompson, Rosalind Williams, Sarah Banet-Weiser, You-Tien Hsing, Terhi Rantanen and more) to ponder the crisis. the Aftermath NetworkWhile the crisis expanded, Castells named his group ‘The Aftermath Network‘ and it become a research program on the social consequences of the crisis. The thinkers participating in the network share the idea that this crisis is not just an  economic crisis, but also a social crisis, which is bringing about a fundamental transformation of societies at large…

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